Choosing To Move

Choosing To Move

5 Things To Do In Your New Home Before Your Movers Arrive

by Adam Johnson

If you are moving into a new home, there are a few things that you should get done before your movers arrive to unload your belongings. For a local move, it is ideal if you have a week before you move into your new place when you can access the home and complete these tasks. However, if you only have access to your new home on moving day, you may think about leaving a person you trust behind with the movers and completing these tasks while they are loading your moving truck and transporting your belongings. 

Document the New Home

If you are renting a home, it is important to document the condition of the home before you move in. You should walk through your home and photograph or videotape each room, paying close attention to areas that are currently scuffed or damaged. This will help you get your deposit back when you are ready to move out of your home. 

If you are hiring movers to unload your belongings into your new home, this documentation can also help you to prove whether any scuffs or bumps are caused by bringing the furniture into the home, so you can be properly compensated if necessary. 

Complete a Deep Clean 

Although the previous tenant or owner of your new home may have cleaned it, it is possible that it may not be up to your standards of cleanliness. If the previous occupants did not have time to complete a cleaning or did not hire professionals, there may be hidden dirt and grime that will be easier to clean before your belongings arrive. If you are short on time, concentrate on the bathroom and kitchen area. This way, you will at least be able to take a nice shower and cook a meal in your new home after your belongings arrive. Some people also like to purchase a new toilet seat and shower curtain. 

Change the Locks On the Doors 

To prevent previous occupants from entering your home, you should have the locks changed. If you are renting an apartment, your landlord may do this before you sign the lease. However, it is important to ask and make sure they do, because some landlords skip this step. If you are purchasing or renting a house, then you may have to complete this step on your own. You can either hire a locksmith to re-key your locks, or you can purchase a set and re-key the locks yourself

Treat for Pests If Necessary 

In most cases, you should treat for pests by spraying or bombing your home. This will ensure that there are no bugs or pests in the home and will protect your furniture from picking up any pests once you move your belongings in. You should follow the instructions on the product you choose and make sure that there is enough time for the product to leave your home before your scheduled move-in time. If you know for certain that there was a pest problem in your new home, then you may want to hire professionals to complete a fumigation. 

Paint If You Have Time 

If you have more time left over before your move-in day, then you may consider painting rooms that you want a different color or that need a fresh coat of paint. Although this is easiest to do before you move your belongings in, you should only do it if you have enough time for the paint to thoroughly dry before your movers arrive. Latex paint will usually dry to the touch within an hour, but oil based paint may take up to eight hours. 

Completing these five tasks before your movers arrive will make your move-in fast and easy and get you ready to live in your new home. For more moving advice, talk to a moving company like All About Moving.


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