Choosing To Move

Choosing To Move

Free Moving Boxes Aren't Always Best

by Adam Johnson

Moving can sometimes be costly when you think of all the expenses involved, so the idea of getting free moving boxes from your local grocery store or other retailer seems like a great idea. Not so fast. Free is not always best. These free boxes can introduce a number of problems that you might have not thought of.  


Looking for a quick and easy way to damage your belongings, rely on free boxes that are in poor condition. Cardboard boxes are not meant to last forever and when you're relying on a box that has been previously used, the box is probably close to its expiration period.

Boxes that are bent, appear to have been wet at some point, or are showing some other sign of damage should not be used. When you use boxes in this condition, it's highly likely that the box can give out at the most inopportune time, leaving your belongings sprawled out on the floor and possibly destroyed.


Just how clean is the box? This is another important factor to consider, especially when it comes to getting boxes from a grocery store. When you get boxes from this type of place, you have no idea exactly what the box has been used for.

The box could have been transporting fish, raw meat, or some other food. These selections can expose your belongings to all types of bacteria and in the case of someone having allergies, transporting clothes in these types of boxes can also potentially prompt an allergic reaction. The result is never favorable.


All boxes are not created equal. Even a box that is in good condition and is free of any harmful germs still might not be right for you. Take professional moving boxes that are designed for electronic items like flat screen televisions, for instance.

These types of boxes typically have a stronger base to ensure the weight of the TV is supported. A regular, free box, might not have this same quality. Sure, it might be able to accommodate the television in terms of size, but not necessarily in terms of security.

Saving a few dollars by going with free moving boxes can turn into quite a costly mistake. If you're preparing for a move, make sure you're choosing high-quality boxes that are intended for shipping and moving. The superior protection of your belongings will be well worth the investment. Often, you can find reasonably-priced, high-quality moving boxes from your local storage facility.


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Choosing To Move

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