Choosing To Move

Choosing To Move

Useful Tips For Moving Documents And Paperwork

by Adam Johnson

If you are planning to relocate your business, and you want to move with boxes of documents, you need to be careful not to damage the documents in transit. Here are some practical tips to help you execute the move without damaging losing your documents:

Downsize the Paperwork

The first thing is to ensure is that the documents or papers you are moving are actually useful for you. This is especially necessary for documents you have gathered over the course of many years; it's highly likely that you are keeping papers or files you no longer need. The more documents you have to move the costlier the relocation will be. Therefore, take this opportunity to sort through the documents and get rid of the obsolete ones; just make sure the papers are really obsolete before destroying them.

Make Backup Copies

Once you have downsized the documents and are left with the useful ones, it's time to make their backup copies. This is especially necessary for documents that cannot be easily replaced. Make their copies and keep them in a safe place until the relocation is complete. You can also upload softcopies of the documents to the cloud where they are less likely to disappear.

Use Appropriate Boxes

Paper documents are rather sensitive items; they are susceptible to moisture and heat damage. Most papers are also highly flammable. Therefore, choose appropriate boxes that will keep your documents safe throughout the move. The suitable boxes should:

  • Be moisture-proof
  • Lockable
  • Not easily affected by heat
  • Be rigid

Of course, you should first put the papers in suitable files and label them before transferring them to the boxes.

Sort the Papers and Label their Boxes

If you are dealing with different types of documents, you need to sort them and put them in different boxes. This is necessary for ease of identification and filing once you reach your destination. Mark the boxes appropriately to avoid confusing during unpacking.

Create an Inventory

If you have several boxes of paperwork, then you should also create an inventory of the documents. This is as simple as creating checklists where you can tick which documents have been packed. The same checklists will come in handy during unloading, unpacking and sorting because you can use it to ensure that everything you packed has been safely delivered.

Of course, professional long-distance movers have no problem moving documents. Use their services if you want to minimize the risk of damage to the documents.


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Choosing To Move

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