Choosing To Move

Choosing To Move

3 Essential Checklist Items For An Easier Moving Experience

by Adam Johnson

Are you getting ready to move in the near future? Do you feel like you have too many things to move all at once? Few people actually enjoy the moving experience, even though they might enjoy having moved to a new location. In order to make your next move is an easier task, it will help to prepare ahead of time for the move. Instead of waiting until the last minute, there are some things that you can and should do as soon as possible. A few of the most important things include:

Get a storage unit: Whether you're moving long-distance or just around the block, having an available storage unit can make all the difference. For local moves, you can put some of your belongings into your unit now so that there are fewer articles to deal with on your actual move. For long-distance moves, having a unit to move into can be a great precaution and insurance against being unable to inhabit your new home immediately. There's always a chance that the previous occupants haven't left yet or that there was some sort of mix-up that needs to be resolved before you can move in. Prevent headaches by having a temporary place available to keep your household goods while you sort things out.

Hire professionals: When you do everything yourself, there is going to be a lot of work for you and your household to complete before you're done. Even a relatively small amount of belongings can sometimes leave you worn out for many days to come. Moving things into a storage unit ahead of time can help prevent this potential exhaustion but hiring movers to get your belongings from one place to another is going to be the best way to keep your move as easy and as stress-free as possible. 

Get extra boxes: There are almost always more things in a room than you might initially think. You might think that you can fit everything in your living room into just a few boxes, only for it to turn out that you need almost twice as many to hold your things. The last thing that you'll want to do while in the middle of putting things into storage, or otherwise getting ready to move, is to stop and search for more boxes. You won't always be able to get sufficient boxes at the first store that you visit so you should always get at least 5-10% extra just to be sure that you have enough for your needs.


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Choosing To Move

Few things are more difficult than packing up your belongings, moving to a new place, and trying to make new friends. Unfortunately, we found ourselves in this position a few years ago after the business that I worked for started to fail. We knew that if we wanted to get out ahead of the game, we needed to quit the job, apply for new positions, and move our family to a more affordable part of the country. This blog is all about choosing to move when you know that you need to, using storage units to help you during your transition, and making the best of a bad situation.