Choosing To Move

Choosing To Move

Moving Into A New Home: How Residential Movers Can Actually Save You Cash

by Adam Johnson

The primary reason many people choose to tackle moving without the help of professional movers is to try and save money. People often assume that this do-it-yourself approach has to be the more cost-effective option. However, the truth is, choosing to hire professional residential movers can actually save you money in the long run. Do you find it hard to believe that you can actually save money while also avoiding having to do all the hard work of moving on your own? Keep on reading to learn more about the several different ways in which these professional movers actually have the ability to save you a ton of cash.

Avoid Paying For Damaged Items

When individuals choose to tackle the moving process on their own, they will typically experience the loss of at least a few items due to damage that occurs during the moving process. In some cases, this damage is due to poor packing, while other times, it may be the result of not having the right equipment to properly move large or heavy items. Either way, if you are moving by yourself, you will be forced to cover the cost of repairing or replacing these damaged items. This is not the case when choosing to hire professional residential movers.

When hiring a professional moving company to assist in your move, you will not only enjoy the benefit of their expertise when it comes to helping avoid damage to your belongings, but you will also enjoy the insurance coverage that they offer. This insurance coverage will take care of any out-of-pocket expenses that you would otherwise need to cover in the event that something is damaged or broken during your move.

Keep Packing Costs To A Minimum

One of the most significant expenses that people incur when moving into a new home is the cost of packing materials. While hiring professional movers will not allow you to avoid the cost of buying these materials, it can go a long way towards helping you to minimize the expense. This is thanks largely in part to the efficiency with which residential movers will be able to help you pack. In addition to packing your items more efficiently, getting your packing materials directly through your moving company will often allow you to purchase them at a lower price per item when compared to picking up these items at a local big box store. 

Don't Pay For Extra Trips

When renting a do-it-yourself moving truck, you will have to pay both a daily rental rate and an additional rate per mile traveled. This dual-rate system can result in a hefty bill you were not expecting if you end up needing to make more than one trip in order to transport all of your belongings. With a professional moving company, you can avoid paying extra even if you find yourself needing to make an unexpected second trip since residential movers quote their services by the job rather than by the mile.

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Choosing To Move

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